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Financial Peace

Prosperity Partners is excited to provide this No Cost Consumer Finance Resource Center. The first steps to financial peace:

  1. Taking an accurate inventory of your starting point and accepting responsibility for what is. Not the most fun you will ever have but if you can accept responsibility for the present you will now have the power to move forward toward what can be.
  2. Creating a workable plan that will take you where you want to go. This involves learning new strategies and seeking out a team of experts to help you.Notice I said help you not do it for you. This is your journey and I absolutely promise you that no one else will ever care more about your financial peace than you do!
  3. Be realistic and create a plan that allows for short-term debt payoff, emergency and retirement savings, while still providing for a reasonable lifestyle. If your plan causes too much sacrifice you risk not following through so make sure you can have short-term and long-term financial peace.


Smart Money Expert Shares Her Personal Journey

In financial peace, Managing Debt & Credit on May 23, 2012 at 8:30 pm

More money is NOT the answer to financial peace! In this interview Laura King Gilson shares her financial journey of failure and success.  What is most interesting is how stressful being financially successful can be and how quickly we all can find ways of decreasing income or increasing debt to get back to our poverty comfort zone.

If you are thinking your life would improve “If Only” you had more…. Laura will show you how this is a myth and there is no such think as “enough” when you are caught up in the pursuit of “more”.

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Getting Out of Debt! Just Ain’t So Simple

In financial peace, Managing Debt & Credit on May 21, 2012 at 8:07 pm

Check These No Nonsense First Steps to Financial PeaceBreaking free of debt is not as simple as “just stop making stupid choices”. This over simplification can make people in debt feel even less which further perpetuates the cycle. Over 50% of American are concerned about the level of their debt.

The way out is through accepting yourself as is and even in a world of debt. Next how can you improve this situation and get out of all credit card debt in 3 years or less. 1) store up some cash – break the need to use the credit cards by putting the cash aside first thing. 2) figure out money in and money out and set priorities-housing, utilities, transportation, groceries etc.3) what can you do to increase income or save $$ 4) Now what is left must be enough to payoff the cards in the 3 year period. That may require negotiating lower rates/ settling debt or talking to an attorney.

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